Step 1. Select Your Multi-Factor Verification Option


In order to use multi-factor authentication with your A. Duda & Sons account, you will need to ensure the following pre-requisites are met:

  • You have a phone that can receive SMS texts and/or download the Microsoft Authenticator app or
  • You have an A. Duda & Sons assigned hardware security token


  • If you previously set up MFA and have a new phone/lost your phone see the FAQs for instructions)
  • If you want to change your verification method from what you are currently using, follow the instructions in the FAQs Section   - "How do I to change my verification method?"

1. Select Your Multi-Factor Verification Option

When you sign into your A. Duda & Sons MFA portal account, an additional verification request is sent to you. The following are a list of methods that can be used for this second type of verification.

The Information Technology team recommends the Mobile App notification method - while it takes a bit longer to set up, it is the fast verification option allowing you to just tap approve on your phone.  The mobile app is also available even when you don't have cellular coverage by using the code generated within the app every 30 seconds.