Step 3. MFA Setup in A. Duda & Sons portal using the Mobile App


In order to use multi-factor authentication with your A. Duda & Sons account, you will need to ensure the following pre-requisites are met:

  • You have a phone that can receive SMS texts and/or download the Microsoft Authenticator app or
  • You have an A. Duda & Sons assigned hardware security token


  • If you previously set up MFA and have a new phone/lost your phone see the FAQs for instructions)
  • If you want to change your verification method from what you are currently using, follow the instructions in the FAQs Section   - "How do I to change my verification method?"

Complete the remainder of the setup process in portal at a computer.  You will also need your mobile phone near you for the following steps.

Note:  These instructions are for the first time/initial setup of MFA.  
  • Make sure you have already downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone.
  • Go to A. Duda & Sons MFA Setup Portal
  • Sign into the portal on your computer with your A. Duda & Sons account & password. Click on the blue box under your name that says Set it up now
  • In the drop down box next to Step 1:  How should we contact you? choose Mobile App?
  • Next to How do you want to use the mobile app?  Choose Receive notifications for verification.
  • Click on Set up.
  • You will see the Configure mobile app dialog box on your computer.  (You should already have the app installed on your smartphone).  On your mobile phone open the Authenticator app
  • Scan the QR image displayed in your browser.
  • Once you have successfully scanned the image, your account will be added automatically to the Authenticator app on your phone, and it will display a six-digit code.
  • On your computer, Choose Contact Me in your browser on the A. Duda & Sons MFA portal page.
  • Next you will verify that A. Duda & Sons MFA can reach your mobile phone.
  • You should receive a push notification on your mobile phone. Tap Approve/ Verify (iPhone)
  • Your mobile phone should now be setup as your secondary authentication factor.

You are now set up to use Multi-Factor Authentication.