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Multifactor Authentication

Get to know the basics inside and out.

What if I don't have a mobile phone?
I am traveling abroad, which verification method should I use?
What if I lost my phone or get a new phone number?
How do I change my phone number or add a second number?
What if I get a new phone (with the same number) and I need to update the Microsoft Authenticator App?
How do I change my verification method?
How do I use a different verification option (One Time)?
What do I do if I don't receive the MFA notification?
Does the App password replace my regular A. Duda & Sons password?
What is an App password?
How do I create an APP Password?
Do I have to go through both verification steps every time I log in ?
How does MFA make my account safer?
What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?